Boldmere Futures Partnership AGM being held on 7 November

Boldmere Futures Partnership will be holding its AGM on Thursday 7 November from 7pm to 8.30pm at The Carpenter’s Arms. Anyone who either lives in the Boldmere neighbourhood area or represents an organisation that operates in the area is welcome to attend.

Boldmere Futures will be reviewing its activities and what has been achieved and thinking about plans for the future.

Boldmere Futures will also be holding elections. The Executive Committee of the Partnership is made from the four officers of the Partnership (chair, vice chair, treasurer, and secretary), representatives from specified groups, and about four other members who either live in the Boldmere neighbourhood area or represent organisations that operate in the area.

Boldmere Futures needs to hold elections for the officer roles and other members of the Executive Committee.

The papers for the meeting can be found via the links below:


Minutes from the previous AGM (10.5.17)

Annual report 2017/18 (previously published on Boldmere Online)

Annual report 2018/19 including accounts

Role descriptions for the officers (chair, vice chair, treasurer, and secretary)

Nomination form for election of officers 

Constitution (including map of the Boldmere neighbourhood area)

Boldmere Futures would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to stand for election. If you wish to stand as an officer, nominations need to be notified to Liz Parry, Interim Chair (in the absence of a Secretary), by midnight on 31 October.  Contact details are on the nomination form. If you wish to stand as a member of the Executive Committee, you can notify Liz in advance (by midnight on 5 November, please) but you can also nominate yourself (or be nominated with your agreement) at the AGM.

Boldmere Futures looks forward to welcoming as many people as possible at the meeting.

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