Events Calendar

Here's our community calendar, find out everything that's happening in Boldmere!

You can submit an event by clicking on 'Post Your Event', but listings must adhere to the following guidance:

  • Events must be in the community interest and free from political bias or for private gain.
  • Events must take place within the broadly defined Boldmere Area or be of genuine interest and relevance to the Boldmere Community
  • Events should be one-off or regular infrequent events. Fixed weekly events for groups who meet at the same time each week (i.e. church services, etc.) should not be included here, but can be included in our directory next to the organisation’s name (please email to provide webmaster with info).
  • Events must not promote terrorism, extremism or hate speech.
  • Event information is the responsibility of the person submitting the event. Boldmere Futures Partnership is not liable for poor attendance at this event due to wrong information being submitted.

Boldmere Futures Partnership reserves the right to edit or remove events that do not comply with the above guidance.