What is Planning for Real?

Planning for Real® is a nationally recognised community planning process based on a 3D model. The process allows residents to register their views on a range of issues, to work together to identify priorities, and in partnership with local agencies go on to develop an action plan for change.

How does it work?

At the consultation events, the model is laid out with suggestion cards or flags placed around it. In addition, a large number of blank cards are provided for people to write their own ideas.

To help the participants, all the suggestions are categorised under issue headings and are colour coded. There are eight issue categories in total and this means that, at a glance, the main issues for a particular area or place are easily apparent. At the end of the session all the suggestions are recorded, including the location, issue and the number of suggestions placed.


What will the result be for Boldmere?

At the end of the process we will have a prioritised action plan which will go forward to become a Community Plan.

A Community Plan:

  • identifies local problems and opportunities
  • sets out an achievable and long term vision for the future
  • prepares a plan of action to achieve this vision

This Plan will allow the community to influence the local planning process and support the development and delivery of local projects. It will ensure that our elected officials understand the direct views of our community, and that our voice is loud and clear!


When do the consultation events take place?

Saturday 7th October, 10am - 4pm at Age Concern's Communitea Cafe

Open to everyone of all ages, from preschoolers to retired and everyone in between, it’s a chance to have your say about what you’d like to see in Boldmere.

There will also be activities for families and children, a chance to enjoy refreshments in Age Concern's new café, an opportunity to explore our new website Boldmere Online and to find out how you can get involved in volunteering opportunities in the area.

Thursday 12th October, 4pm - 8pm at Age Concern's Communitea Cafe

This session is designed for those unable to make the Saturday session to ensure everyone's voice is heard.

Interim Results

To view the Key Findings from Community Consultation Events interim report, click here